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AB 1:
Legislative Staff Unionization

Allows non-supervisorial legislative staff join a union and collectively bargain for wages & benefits. (Sponsored by California Labor Foundation.)

AB 937:
Family Reunification

Allows an extension of services if reasonable efforts were not made to help a parent reunify with their child. (Sponsored by Children's Law Center.)

AB 245:
Student Athlete Safety

Codified student athlete drills to provide guidance to schools . (Sponsored by McNair Foundation.)

AB 1418:
Safe & Inclusive Housing 

Would limit nuisance ordinances that are used to displace people of color. (Sponsored by National Housing Law Project.)

AB 709:

Creating a narrow exception for prosecutors to share Brady information with defense counsel. (Sponsored by LA District Attorney's Office.)

AB 1150:
Community College external entity facility use

A technical revision to update Education Code that defines the cost for rental agreements for outside entities to be be "fair, regional market rental value" (Sponsored by LA Community College District.)

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